The Kiss That Shattered My Soul

There are many people who suffer from suicidal depression without knowing it! They may not consider it to be a possibility because they don’t have thoughts of killing themselves. But suicidal depression is more than wanting to die; and it is much more than just a negative emotion. Being suicidal is a mindset, a nature, and a lifestyle. It is when you live in a way that brings death to your hopes, to your purpose, and to your dreams. It's when you make decisions that prevent you from finding happiness, fulfillment, and peace. It's when you choose toxic relationships over your own self-care. It is being attracted to SUICIDAL LOVE!

For one woman, Suicidal Love was a circumstance before it was a choice. It was forced on her as a child through the deadly kisses of her abusers. There was the kiss of her lesbian babysitter; the man who raped her as a toddler; her childhood bullies; and even family members who loved out of their brokenness. People she should have been able to trust wounded her heart over and over again. Yet, nothing damaged her as much as—The Kiss That Shattered Her Soul! At her lowest point, she met a narcissist who pretended to be a friend. But instead of friendship, he delivered the deepest humiliation and most painful betrayal she had ever known, sending her into a life-altering suicidal depression.

According to the author, Suicidal Love is “loving another person to your own detriment; it is the willingness to show up for the pain.” In this book, Laneen Haniah shares how surviving her breaking point gave her a new perspective on life. After her melt down, she came to realize she had been living a suicidal lifestyle long before she met her adversary. She will walk you through how she came to that conclusion. She will expose the inner workings of what she calls “the hidden self” and explain how trauma wounds can lead to toxic relationship choices and unseen depression. As the author unfolds her own suffering, YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO RECOGNIZE DESTRUCTIVE PATTERNS AND BREAK CYCLES OF SUICIDAL LOVE!

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