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Getting Intimate with Dr. Intimacy...
Share some intimate moments with Dr. Intimacy by viewing or listening to a version of her testimony below. 
Laneen A. Haniah, is a prolific Author, Lecturer, and Personal Insights Specialist better known as “Dr. Intimacy”. She is a sought after conference speaker and TV/Radio show guest. She owns and authors the Insights from Dr. Intimacy WordPress blog that has received nearly one million hits. Furthermore, Dr. Intimacy is creator and host of the popular radio show Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio – a once weekly live broadcast. She is also the author of two award-winning books, The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book and STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons

Through the different platforms available to her, Dr. Intimacy, “GOD’s Physician to the Nations”, uses her extensive personal experiences, the insights gained from her encounters with thousands of clients and followers, along with 18 years of research to teach a diverse audience the true meaning of Love, Life, and Intimacy – healing the broken bonds of heart-to-heart intimacy.

Dr. Intimacy offers uniquely profound, transforming insights on spiritual, personal and inter-relational intimacy. Intimacy is not something that you do; it's not something that you have; it is something that you must become. Intimacy is a nature that you must develop and translate in every relationship and area of your life. 

By distinguishing lust from LOVE, and sex from INTIMACY -- whether it be through a public live event, recorded media event, or a private event or session, Dr. intimacy is committed to helping people develop that nature of intimacy. Enabling participants to experience authentic intimacy, she unleashes the effectual, transforming, supernatural power of True Love. This leads to the ultimate liberation of spirit, soul and body! 

To become more intimate with Dr. Intimacy, enjoy her testimony in the audio and videos to the right. To book Dr. Intimacy for an event or to  download her full bio, please click here.
Who Is Dr. Intimacy...