Welcome to the Insights from Dr. Intimacy website! About 10 years ago I was called by Yahweh God to become a vessel of insight, edification, healing and deliverance in the area of sexuality and intimacy. At that time, it was almost unheard of to address these issues in the church, especially in the unique way that I was led to do it.

There was one scripture that drove me, as I kind of "stumbled" my way through this assignment. In Revelation 12:3 it says, "And they overcame him [satan] by The Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."  Based on this scripture, I openly shared.   
I shared many past sexual sins and mishaps in a very transparent way. Some people really appreciated my openness and others were very offended. But no matter which reaction people were inclined to, it didn't take them long to realize that it was very effective in liberating the masses from the masks that they wore to hide their own sexual and relationship issues. With their defenses down and their hearts open to receive, I was able to teach people the deep truths and revelations that The Lord was pouring into me about sex, worship and intimacy.

As the platform and delivery method that I use to educate people on the naked truth about sex, from a spirit-soul-body perspective, remains very unique, the demand for my insight is great. Every month I receive hundreds of communications from people that are desperate for my insight on their particular sexual issue. As much as I would like to personally communicate with everyone, it is not possible. I am a single woman with seven children, I run two businesses, and I put a lot of time into writing new materials for the ministry, keeping people up to date on what The Lord is sharing with me about this topic.

My main purpose for creating this website is to help my followers have more access to what God has placed inside of me and to satisfy the minds of the curious. I put this website together as a "gathering place" for everything that I do and share. It is a single place where you can come and connect with me and all things concerning me.

So please, take advantage of what I have put together in this website. I built this website with my own hands, carefully and intricately designing every single aspect of it with deliberate intent. The answers you are looking for are either on this website, or can be found in a connected resource or web-link. Use this website as your central resource to connect with the development of your own healthy intimacy with God, yourself and the people around you. And remember that together we can BREAK THE BONDS OF SEXUAL PERVERSION AND HEAL THE BONDS OF HEART-2-HEART INTIMACY!

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